About Us

The Garrett County Government Department of Community Development Business Development Division, is focused on a variety of fiscal, community, and infrastructure initiatives. The business development division strives to create a diverse economy that: fuels innovation and prosperity; attracts and retains talent—regional and homegrown. 

Our services include:

  • Site selection support
  • Public/private financing assistance
  • Workforce training and recruitment
  • Networking resources and referrals
  • Marketing support
  • Demographic analysis
  • General business assistance

Please call us at 301-334-1921 or email us at [email protected].


Steve Kelley profile photo
 Steve Kelley
Director of Community Development
[email protected]
Kim Durst profile photo
 Kim Durst
Business Development Manager
[email protected]
Connor Norman profile photo
 Connor Norman
Business Development Specialist
[email protected]
Melissa Bolyard profile photo
 Melissa Bolyard
Agriculture Business Specialist
[email protected]