Key Bridge Collapse Business Impact Survey

The Maryland Chamber of Commerce understands that the catastrophic Key Bridge collapse has created significant disruptions and challenges for Maryland's small business community. The bridge loss cuts off major transportation routes and severs critical supply chains. It strains communities, making it difficult for you, your colleagues, and employees to get to work, school and appointments. The impacts will lead to lost revenue, wages and productivity. The repercussions will ripple through our local economy and lives in the coming days, weeks and months.

During this difficult time, the Maryland Chamber of Commerce team and its trusted partners are preparing to support you and your business. Your feedback is critical. 

In partnership with the World Trade Center Institute and the Greater Baltimore Committee, the Chamber kindly requests that you share how your business is being impacted and what resources would be helpful to you.


Created 4/1/2024 1:11pm
Last Updated 4/1/2024 1:53pm