Garrett County is harvesting new agricultural resources, and they're anything but garden variety. Home to over 700 farms, Garrett County's agricultural entrepreneurship is paying off. In 2017, local farms generated over $29 million in revenue.

Garrett County boasts ample farmland, fertile soil, and a variety of man-made resources that educate consumers and stimulate the economy. Federal, state, and local business initiatives promote the growth of the "Buy Local" movement.

Each year, an agricultural marketing grant is administered by Garrett County Government.

Local food sustains world communities, economically and nutritionally. Garrett County's home-grown harvest includes produce, poultry, dairy, and other staples friendly to your diet—and to your budget.

Garrett County is reinventing its rural economy by promoting the "Buy Local" movement loudly and proudly. Resources ranging from the Garrett Farms to the Garrett Growers Cooperative to the Garrett County Community Food Network exhibit a collaborative commitment to accessible, fresh food.

An appreciation for local food—from farmers' market loyalists to local restaurant patrons—mirrors a shift on a global scale. People are increasingly aware of where their food comes from and how it's farmed and prepared. Sample our healthy harvest at the Garrett Farms website.


Agritourism is raising the collective consciousness—and the profile—of our natural resources. Agritourism allows residents and visitors to better understand the impact of local food and products on the immediate economy. Garrett County agribusinesses provide a variety of tours and hands-on experiences that bring educational awareness and supplemental income to deserving family farms.

Local experiences include:

Barn Quilt Tour

One of the gems of our agritourism industry is the Garrett County Barn Quilt tour. By showcasing our barns and our quilting heritage, the Barn Quilt Tour meshes farming life with the arts.

Farmers Markets

We love our farmers markets!

To learn about the Mountain Fresh Farmers Markets in Oakland, visit

For more information about farmers markets in our region, visit Garrett Farms.

Garrett Growers

Planting Partnerships

Garrett Growers is a legally incorporated cooperative of farmers supplying produce to area restaurants, retailers, and residents. Its commitment to fresh food inspires fresh collaborations with agencies and organizations improving the lives of our citizens.

Garrett County's agri-businesses benefit from rich natural and business resources. To reap revenues today, contact us at 301-334-1921 or