True to our agrarian roots, Garrett County preserves natural resources and promotes renewable energy development. We take an environmentally-conscious, community-oriented approach to the development of public lands, farmland, and waterways.

Blessed with an abundance of natural energy (including coal, shale, natural gas, forest, wind and water), we welcome firms seeking sustainable solutions in the name of the greater good.

The Mountain Maryland Energy Committee (MMAEC)

The Mountain Maryland Energy Advisory Committee (MMEAC) advises the Garrett County Commissioners on local and state policy, regulation, programs, and legislation issues. The committee guides energy planning to maximize likely positive effects and minimize potentially negative consequences. Creation of the MMEAC and management of committee activities are supported by Downstream Strategies, LLC.

Deep Creek Hydroelectric Station

Since 1925, the Deep Creek Hydroelectric Station has provided the area with a pure, renewable energy source. Operated primarily for electricity generation, the station provides for incidental flood control, monitors water levels and temperature, and regulates the release of water. Together, Brookfield Renewable Energy and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources strive to meet the needs of Deep Creek residents, adventurers, and wildlife alike.

Shale Gas Advisory

Below Garrett County’s soil lies Marcellus Shale, a black, low density, organic shale. An estimated 500 trillion cubic feet of natural gas could be produced from the Marcellus Shale through a technical process using horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.

With environmental and human sustainability guiding all decisions, the Marcellus Shale Safe Drilling Initiative helps policy makers and regulators ensure that shale gas production will be as safe as possible, keeping public health and natural resources in mind.


Enchanted by Garrett County’s green thinking and lush green spaces, Exelon established the Criterion Wind Project here in 2010. As the nation’s leading competitive energy provider, Exelon Wind generates clean, renewable energy, new jobs, and revenue throughout the country. The Criterion Wind Project, a 28 turbine wind farm based in Oakland, generates XX megawatts of clean energy to approximately XX local homes.

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