Amazon to Buy Energy from Backbone Solar Farm

KITZMILLER — It was announced on Monday that Amazon is reportedly going to buy renewable energy from the Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) Backbone Solar Farm Project in Garrett County.

As first reported by Diana Olick from CNBC, project developer CPV says “...the project includes 300,000 solar panels and will help the region avoid roughly 133,000 tons of CO2 — the equivalent of taking more than 26,000 cars off the road each year.”

The solar farm project, which will be built on the former site of a 120-year-old Vindex/Arch Coal mining site, is a $200 million investment from CPV in a brownfield. This project is expected to create 200 jobs and will be the largest solar farm in the state.

“This is a true win for the whole community,” said Garrett County Commissioner Paul Edwards. “Our team worked collaboratively with CPV to pull this pilot project together. The innovation and relationships built right here in Garrett County will now have positive implications both at home and across the country for the foreseeable future.”

Amazon is expected to use the new facility to power its Amazon Web Services data centers, along with its fulfillment centers and physical stores. It is also one of 78 new solar and wind projects Amazon has announced investments in so far in 2023.


Created 12/8/2023 11:49am
Last Updated 1/4/2024 1:07pm