Beitzel Corporation and Pillar Innovations Reach Safety Milestones

Beitzel Corporation and Pillar Innovations in Grantsville recently achieved two safety milestones.

“Safety is a core value at Beitzel Corporation and Pillar Innovations, and we are excited that we can celebrate two significant safety achievements that reflect our commitment to this core value,” said Daniel Beitzel, Director of Safety, Health, Environment, and Compliance. “

In May, employees had worked over four million hours since the last “lost-time injury.”

Around the same time, the company passed the one-million-hour mark since the last “OSHA recordable injury.”

“These milestones are particularly noteworthy in the construction and service industries, where the risk of workplace injuries is high due to the nature of the work,” Beitzel said.

He stated that a lost-time injury is defined by OSHA as an injury that results in an employee being unable to return to work for at least one full shift.

A recordable injury is defined by OSHA as an injury that requires medical treatment beyond first aid.

“To put these numbers into perspective, one million hours worked is equivalent to one person working a 40-hour per week job for 480 years!” Beitzel said. “Four million hours would be equivalent to one person working since the year 80AD, around the same time that Roman colosseum was built.”

Beitzel stated that every new employee at the company starts their career with safety training. This lasts two to five days, depending on the position.

“The level of commitment to safety at Beitzel Corporation and Pillar Innovations amazes me,” he said. “Safety doesn’t end in the classroom; that is only the beginning.

“Our managers, foremen, and other experienced employees have been great mentors who make what we learn in the classroom a reality on the jobsite.

“There are also many new employees who have a great background in working safely, and at times they know more than our seasoned employees.”

Beitzel said this is why the company has a “Stop Work Obligation” safety program.

“We understand that each employee has a different perspective on the task at hand, therefore it is important to empower each employee to stop work if they see an unsafe situation or if they are uncertain about the safety of a situation,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if it is your first day on the job or if you have been with us for 20+ years, you have the authority and obligation to stop unsafe work.”

Beitzel stated that the company had several “near misses” during the time period, but strives to continually improve to maintain zero injuries.

“Achieving these milestones is not just about numbers; it’s about the lives and well-being of our employees,” Beitzel said. “That is what keeps us motivated for the next one million hours. We are very thankful for the positive attitude and attention to safety by each employee that makes such an achievement possible. In a company with 600 employees, we need 600 people managing safety… and they have been successful!”


Article courtesy of The Garrett County Republican.
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Created 6/21/2024 1:13pm
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