Naylor's Hardware Celebrates 140th Anniversary

In 1884 Alonzo D. Naylor purchased a blacksmith shop on Liberty Street in Oakland, Maryland and turned it into what would inevitably become A.D. Naylor & Co., Inc., dba Naylor's Hardware.

To celebrate its 140 years in business, Naylor's Hardware held an anniversary celebration on Saturday, June 29th, which included equipment demonstrations, food, and giveaways.

Garrett County Business Development, in partnership with the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce, was in attendance and held a Milestone Commendation Ceremony, led by Garrett County's Business Development Specialist Connor Norman, during the celebration event.

“What an incredible privilege it is to celebrate 140 years of business in Garrett County,” said Norman. “The generational impact of this business can be felt in the very fabric of the community, and we thank you for your enduring presence and invaluable contributions to our home” 
Local dignitaries in attendance included Senator Mike McKay, Delegate Jim Hinebaugh, Western Maryland Regional Engagement Officer Christy Butler from Comptroller Brook Lierman’s office, Business Development Manager Kim Durst, and Garrett County Chamber of Commerce President Andrew Fike.

Several commendations were presented, including a commendation from the Garrett County Commissioners.

“On behalf of the Maryland Senate, thank you so much for the hard work and the legacy you are upholding here,” said Senator McKay. “Here is the important part - many businesses around this state and around the country can’t say that they’ve been serving people for more than a century and still uphold quality values and commitment to service.” 

Attendees congratulated Chris Naylor and the management team, expressing personal stories of their experiences at Naylor's over the years. 

“I can remember when the store was off Liberty Street back when you had store credit. I can remember as a kid buying my first bike there,” said Delegate Hinebaugh. “When you walk in Naylor's, the staff doesn’t scatter, they walk up to you and greet you. The customer service sets you guys apart and is a testament to the legacy of A. D. Naylor.”

To learn more about Naylor's Hardware, stop by their location at 32 South Third Street, Oakland, or visit the company's website.

Created 7/1/2024 3:29pm
Last Updated 7/1/2024 3:32pm